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You want to get maximum pleasure, but you‘re short on time? The “Express” program is the best offer that we can provide you! A beautiful masseuse will brighten your leisure with an intense erotic massage. You will be pleased!

30 min.
Aqua Express
Only shower

Do you want to take a shower with a busty sexy beauty? Our girls are ready to grant your wish right now. Believe us, the foam massage with a naked beautiful female body will take your mind off your problems and you just don‘t want to get back to reality!

30 min.

Classic massage is not only a therapeutic procedure, it is also plenty of pleasure! In our “Nirvana” salon we can offer you the services of highly professional masseuses who will bring a light note of temptation to the whole procedure. We‘ve managed to fill the classical version of massage with light eroticism, while retaining all of its useful features as much as it could be possible.

60 min.
Black in White

Anything but boundless pleasure. Erotic “non-stop” massage for one whole hour! All-naked body massage will give you an unforgettable experience and bring you to complete relaxation and countless pleasures. Everything just for you!

60 min.
Aqua Exotic

As a preparation for gentle and sensual massage, with the help of female hands, curves and hot breath, the girl will turn your senses on by taking a shower with you! What can be more pleasant than rubbing each other’s backs?

60 min.
Him and Her

This program will allow you to get closer to the masseuse than usual! Its unusual approach is that it is you who is giving the first 30 minutes of massage! After that the positions change and erotic massage is being given to you!

60 min.
Special show

This massage is for lovers of extraordinary pleasures. You are watching a girl who is caressing her body gently and erotically, teasing you with her sexuality and desire. Calling you a visual delight, leading yourself to the very peak of pleasure … And when your feelings reach the limit, the girl turns all of her attention to you.

60 min.
Black Nirvana
Special show

What could be better than an erotic “Nirvana” massage with a vibro show? That’s right – only a double erotic massage with a vibro show! The whole unforgettable program can be performed not by one girl, but two at once. Pleasure is multiplied exponentially!

60 min.

For your refined taste

Luxurious interior design

Our modern interior designs dispose to complete relaxation and immersion into the waves of erotic fantasies. Luxurious and comfortable furniture attracts by its form and volume, not for sleep, but for getting sensual pleasure

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